About Our Writers

Shelby Finger

Shelby is a writer, visual artist, mental health advocate, poet, and the founder of Girl Precarious. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II in 2015, and Adult ADHD in 2019. Shelby likes her coffee black, and considers herself a devotee to ratkind. She quotes Lord of the Rings too often, and has been known to abuse the comma. She resides on an island in Southwest Florida with her partner, a gaggle of toddlers, and an assortment of cats.
With an emphasis on mood disorders and parenting with a mental illness, Shelby aims to provide an honest, no BS account of what living with a severe mental illness looks like.

You can find her on instagram, facebook, and youtube.

Rachael Westbrook

Rachael Westbrook has been working with individuals living with intellectual disabilities for more than 10 years. She was a high school special education teacher who has transitioned to a Life Skills Program Instructing Manager. Her educational background in Special Education and Social Science has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. Everything she puts on paper comes straight from the heart. She especially enjoys writing about her life experiences as a transgender woman, and creating teachable, relatable moments when it comes to the LGBTQ+ and intellectually disabled communities. In her personal life, to this day her psychiatrist believes her to be one of the few humans that NPD and BPD co-occur. Yet, her biggest struggle is with gender dysphoria, which isn’t an illness or condition but rather a symptom. Under the constant sense of dissonance, distress and anxiety she continues to fight the good fight to end stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. 

You can follow Rachael on instagram and on facebook.

Ashley Mazurowski

Ashley is licensed esthetician, and a professional makeup artist living in Connecticut with her husband and son. A Jane of a trades and a master of none. As an artist — Ashley enjoys painting, going to museums, and writing in her spare time. She’s a personal assistant to a toddler, and a mother just trying to show the world that it’s OK to not be OK sometimes. She was (mis)diagnosed with a myriad of mental illnesses throughout her entire life, from an early age, but it wasn’t until she was in her early 20s that she was finally diagnosed with a very common mental illness called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Her mission to education the misinformed, and to support those who also suffer silently.

You can find her on instagram.

Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth is in a long-term identity crisis so she can be often found not responding to her name at all. ‘Hey, Bitch’, usually works though.  A high school boyfriend once made her a mix tape that included ‘Black Magic Woman’ and she was flattered. Her hobbies are directly borrowed from a Jane Austen spinster and yet she still believes she is entitled to a life partner or at least someone who will keep her in an attic until she sets the house on fire. Katie is the published author of the book, Untranslatable, an account of her life with an eating disorder, mental and chronic illness. You can follow her living her most awkward life on medium.com/@SheGoesOn
 and on Twitter.

Tea Jay

Tea is a fiber artist and energy worker based out of New England. After tumultuous destruction as result of trauma and BPD, Tea has reclaimed her diagnosis by writing about the taboos and realities of life with a debilitating mental illness. Her goal is simple; to make the world a less scary place for people like herself and her son by talking about life, including the difficulties, pain, joys, and triumph that arise.

You can find her on instagram.

Sarah Sullivan

Sarah is an artist of many materials (both fine and not so fine), an Autism advocate, writer, published illustrator, and public speaker – soon to be podcaster, as co-host of Spectrum with SAS. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 27, having been encouraged and supported along the way to diagnosis by a loving partner and caring therapists. The diagnosis was a relief, as well as a lifesaving necessity. She was also diagnosed with Dysthymia (also known as persistent or major depressive disorder), PTSD, Social anxiety, and Dependent Personality Disorder. Sarah has her own shop on Etsy, as well as being Member Representative for My Autism Connection, and is also a Gythia (Heathen clergy). In her sparingly spare time, she can be found cuddling the various animals of her household zoo, or happily stimming while watching her partner play video games. Sarah is pansexual, polyamorous, and nonbinary/gender fluid, with a preference (though not necessity) for they/them pronouns.

You can follow Sarah here.